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"When Horses Could fly" by Sharon Janus is reminiscent of Dr. Suess in its visual imagery and juxtaposition of the language. Sharon takes full artistic advantage of the language as richly illustrated with words as it is with paintings.

"When Horses Could Fly" By Sharon Janus available for $19.95
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Signed copy by the artist Kathy Newell Worby for $19.95
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"A richly illustrated delight for children, an escape to childhood fantasy for adults. Sweet, funny, insightful and engaging, I can't imagine a better time than sharing this book with a child."

Rhonda Hart, Editor, The Gaited Horse

"A charming and fanciful story for all children. It makes one think and laugh."

Adele von Rust McCormick, Ph.D.

Author of "Horse Sense and the Human Heart"

Book Review Horsers in Art Magazine

"It is a history of horses in a fantasy world. You might find it unbelievable,or as the author Sharon Janus states in the introduction, "Fantastic but true."When Horses Could Fly is greatly enhanced by the twenty-five beautiful illustrations by artist Kathy Newell Worby. Her free flowing, free spirited watercolors add to the fantasy and the enjoyment of the horse tales."